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  • CNC with MKS Gen L v1.0 Atmega2560

VS Code - PlatformIO Project

  • New Project
    • Name: CNC-Grbl
    • Board: Atmega2560
    • Framework: Arduino

Find GRBL for target architecture

VS Code

  • platformio.ini
    platform = atmelavr
    board = megaatmega2560
    framework = arduino
    monitor_speed = 115200
  • lib/grbl/config.h
    //#define DEFAULTS_GENERIC
    //#define CPU_MAP_2560_INITIAL
    // To use with RAMPS 1.4 Board, comment out the above defines and uncomment the next two defines
    #define CPU_MAP_2560_RAMPS_BOARD
  • src/main.cpp
    #include <grbl.h>